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Games Added by veghead
TitleTypeParticipantsMin ParticipantsMax ParticipantsLeadersMin LeadersMax LeadersAgesMin AgeMax AgeTimeMin TimeMax TimeCovid Risk
Personality Guess WhoTrigger, Tzevet KefAnyAnyAny ageAnyLow
Chain tagJust for FunAnyAnyAny ageAnyMedium
Dance PartyJust for FunAnyAnyAny ageAnyLow
Check-inTeam BuildingAnyAnyAny ageAnyLow
CoffeehouseEducational, Get to Know You, RelaxingAnyAnyAny ageAnyLow
A Strong Wind BlowsGet to Know YouAnyAnyAny ageAnyMedium
Savage LoveJust for Fun, Tzevet KefAnyAny10 or older10AnyHigh
ShiriaJust for FunAnyAnyAny ageAnyLow
Identity CrisisJust for FunAnyAnyAny ageAnyLow
SumoGet to Know YouAnyAnyAny ageAnyHigh
GungerschloffJust for FunAnyAnyAny ageAnyLow