How to Play:

Have the kids get with a partner of approximately their same size/strength. The pairs must then sit in a circle with one partner sitting directly in front of the other so that the two are very close but not touching. One person stands in the middle of the circle and calls out two or more names of people sitting on the inside circle. (Encourage the person in the middle to have the inside circle go around and say names if they don't know everyone) The people on the inside must then try to get to the center and touch/kiss/hug the person in the middle while the person behind them tries to restrain them. The first person to reach the middle and touch/kiss/hug the person in the middle then becomes the person in the middle and the person who was in the middle goes and sits behind the winner's former partner. All other involved pairs trade places with their partners such that outside people become inside people, and so on. Fun way to learn names and get to know each other. Good energy booster as well.

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Covid RiskHigh

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Age RangeAny age

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