Number of Games Added
Games Added by ickle_rachel
TitleTypeParticipantsMin ParticipantsMax ParticipantsLeadersMin LeadersMax LeadersAgesMin AgeMax AgeTimeMin TimeMax TimeCovid Risk
Poison Pea SoupOtherAny1 or more1Any age5 minutes to 10 minutes510Low
Step In Step OutGet to Know YouAnyAnyAny ageAnyLow
Get Out Of My HouseJust for Fun20 to 3020302 or more2Any ageAnyMedium
CocoonsRelaxing5 to 105103 or more315 to 17 years old15171 hour to 2 hours60120Low
BALAGANJust for Fun10 to 201020Any15 or older1520 minutes to 30 minutes2030Low
Swords and ShieldsIce Breaker, Just for Fun, Wide Game20 to 302030Any10 or older10AnyMedium
The Donkey GameJust for FunAnyAnyAny ageAnyLow
Honey BearJust for Fun, Relaxing5 to 105101 or more15 to 7 years old5710 minutes to 20 minutes1020Low
Human ChairsTeam Building, Trust Building10 to 2010201 or more110 or older105 minutes to 10 minutes510High
Tuch Tuch Mi Ani? (knock knock who am I?)Get to Know You, Just for Fun20 to 3020301 or more15 to 7 years old5710 minutes to 20 minutes1020Low
Huggy BearsSplitting Participants into Groups50 or more50AnyAny ageUp to 5 minutes5High
Famous CouplesGet to Know You, Just for Fun, Splitting Participants into Groups30 to 403040Any10 or older1020 minutes to 30 minutes2030Low
Sweets and StrawsJust for Fun, Team Building, Trigger10 to 201020Any10 or older10AnyMedium
True Or FalseEducational, Team Building20 to 302030AnyAny ageAnyLow
Chase The TailTzevet Kef20 to 302030Any15 or older15AnyMedium
Pass The Personal ConversationJust for Fun, Team Building, Tzevet KefAnyAny15 or older15AnyLow
Circle TagOtherAnyAnyAny ageAnyMedium
Funky ChickenOtherAnyAnyAny ageUp to 5 minutes5Low
Breaking The IceIce BreakerAnyAnyAny ageUp to 5 minutes5Low
Click CatchDrama, Just for FunAnyAnyAny ageAnyLow
Guess the MachineDrama, Just for Fun10 to 201020Any15 or older15AnyLow