How to Play:

One person (let's call him Brian) is chosen from the group to leave the room. Once they have left, the group decide on a rule for the group to respond to questions with. For example, if Brian comes back in and asks Gertie "What is your favourite colour?" and the group have decided that the rule is to answer for the person to your left, Gertie will have to answer for the person to her left. If the group know her answer to be incorrect or if she breaks the chosen rule, the group shout BALAGAN and everyone switches seats. The aim of the game is for 'Brian' to guess the rule. Some rules could be: *Answer as if you are 'Brian' *Answer for the person to your right *Answer for the person sitting in a specific seat *Answer for the person asked one previously before you The type of questions being asked should be like "what are you wearing?" "What's your favourite film?" "When is your birthday?" etc

Quick Info

Covid RiskLow

Time Required20 minutes to 30 minutes

Age Range15 or older

Number of LeadersAny

Number of Participants10 to 20

Game Types

Just for Fun

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