How to Play:

Two teams stand in a line facing each other with a large distance inbetween. One representitive from one team approaches the other team who all are holding thier fists out infront of them. The representitive taps fists as he chooses one at a time. When he taps a fist it is put away. The third fist that is tapped is the person who has to chase the representitive back to his team. If the rep makes it back to his team without being caught then the person he chose becomes his captive if he gets caught on the way back he becomes that persons captive. A captive stands behind his captor until he is freed this is only done when his captor is caught by someone and how ever many captives he has all go free. The game can be played until one team has the entire other team as their captives. Also when playing you use your third tap tactically eg. if you are a fast runner then you can try and free your team mates who are captives by tapping the captor of your team mates. if you are a slow runner you will only tap someone who is also a slow runner.

Quick Info

Covid RiskMedium

Time Required5 minutes to 10 minutes

Age Range15 or older

Number of Leaders2 or more

Number of Participants10 to 20

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