Yes/No Game

How to Play:

Every member of the group gets a sticker on their forehead with the name of a famous person, tv/cartoon character etc on it. However, it should be done so that every 2 people in the group have people/characters which form a pair (e.g. one person might have bart simpson and one might have lisa simpson AND another person might have the queen, whilst another person has the duke of edinburgh... etc). The aim is firstly to work out who they are by asking each questions which can only be answered "yes" or "no" and then to find the other person in their pair (i.e. bart simpson would have to find lisa simpson). When everyone has found their pair, then they can spend time bonding in whatever way might be appropriate for the situation!

Quick Info

Covid RiskLow

Time RequiredAny

Age Range10 or older

Number of LeadersAny

Number of ParticipantsAny

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