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Games Added by shmulikg
TitleTypeParticipantsMin ParticipantsMax ParticipantsLeadersMin LeadersMax LeadersAgesMin AgeMax AgeTimeMin TimeMax TimeCovid Risk
DreamcatcherJust for Fun10 to 201020AnyAny ageAnyMedium
Get Off My Land!!!Just for Fun, Sport, Wide GameAnyAnyAny ageAnyLow
ConscienceDrama, Tzevet KefAnyAny15 or older1520 minutes to 30 minutes2030Low
Wshey washeyOtherAnyAnyAny ageAnyLow
Bucket raceSplitting Participants into Groups, Sport, Team Building, WaterAnyAnyAny ageAnyLow
GapTrust BuildingAnyAnyAny ageAnyLow
Theres No Going BackOtherAnyAnyAny ageAnyLow
Shooting fingersGet to Know You, Ice Breaker, Just for FunAnyAnyAny ageAnyLow