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Games Added by platty
TitleTypeParticipantsMin ParticipantsMax ParticipantsLeadersMin LeadersMax LeadersAgesMin AgeMax AgeTimeMin TimeMax TimeCovid Risk
Battle DomeWide GameAnyAny10 or older10Up to 5 minutes5High
Chair BattleTeam Building10 to 201020Any15 or older155 minutes to 10 minutes510Medium
Most LikelyTeam BuildingAnyAnyAny age5 minutes to 10 minutes510Low
Perrudo / Polifico / Pappa Duck/ Dice GameOtherUp to 55Any15 or older1510 minutes to 20 minutes1020Low
FlySportAnyAny10 or older1010 minutes to 20 minutes1020Low
FeaturesGet to Know YouAnyAnyAny age5 minutes to 10 minutes510Low