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Games Added by jacob
TitleTypeParticipantsMin ParticipantsMax ParticipantsLeadersMin LeadersMax LeadersAgesMin AgeMax AgeTimeMin TimeMax TimeCovid Risk
PsychiatristJust for Fun, Team BuildingAnyAnyAny ageAnyLow
People BingoGet to Know You10 to 201020AnyAny age10 minutes to 20 minutes1020Low
Head and CatchJust for Fun10 to 2010201 or more1Any age10 minutes to 20 minutes1020Low
The MOO GameJust for FunAnyAny15 to 17 years old1517AnyLow
Fast LemonOtherAnyAnyAny ageAnyLow
Shoulda SaidJust for FunAnyAnyAny ageAnyLow
Human knotTeam Building10 to 201020AnyAny ageAnyHigh
If you love me baby smileJust for FunAnyAnyAny ageAnyMedium
Wrap up and unwindParachute10 to 201020AnyAny ageAnyLow
Tower gameTeam Building20 to 302030AnyAny age20 minutes to 30 minutes2030Low
Conveyor beltTrust Building20 to 302030AnyAny age10 minutes to 20 minutes1020Medium
Compliment BangGet to Know You, Ice Breaker, Just for Fun, Splitting Participants into Groups10 to 201020AnyAny age5 minutes to 10 minutes510Low
First ImpressionsTzevet Kef10 to 201020AnyAny age10 minutes to 20 minutes1020Low
Cereal BoxJust for Fun, Team BuildingAnyAnyAny ageAnyHigh
What is your favourite font?Get to Know You, Just for Fun, Team BuildingAnyAny10 or older105 minutes to 10 minutes510Low