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Frog Game

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How the game is played:
Sit in a circle at maintain a steady beat (bang on your knees, clap your hands, click with your left hand, click with your right hand, repeat). The first person says on the beat "One frog" the next says "Two eyes" then "Four legs" then "Into the puddle" then "ker-PLUNK!". The number of frogs increment each time the frogs jump into the puddle, so the next sequence goes: "Two frogs", "Four eyes", "Eight legs", "Into the puddle", "Into the puddle", "ker-PLUNK", "ker-PLUNK". I hope you get the drift. If someone says the wrong phrase/number or is too slow or misses the beat then they are out. The game ends when there is a single winner.

Game type:
Just for fun, Time filler
Age group:
11 to 14 year olds
Number of participants:
Number of leaders:
Time required:
5-10 minutes

Kids in a circle

Initially this game can be hard to explain to the chanichim so the madrichim might need to give a demonstration (thats why I have written 3 madrichim).

It might be a good idea to find a way to occupy the kids who are out as they might get fidgity - especially when there are a lot of kids so the game goes for longer.

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You can use this game to teach hebrew numbers... it goes "dag echad, shtey eynayim, zanav echad, PLOOP lamayim", then "shney dagim, arba eynayim, shney znavim, ploop lamayim, ploop lamayim" and so on. note that eynayim is feminine.
by ruths on 09/06/2006 19:15:42
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