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Suck or Blow

Important note regarding the copying of games

How the game is played:
Chanichim stand in a line or in teams (more than one line). The person at the start of the line has to suck on the face of a credit card so that s/he is holding it to their face without their hands. They turn around to the next chanich/a and the next in line has to suck the other side of the card while the other blows to let go of it. The game ends when the card reaches the end of the line. This is done as a race if there is more than one line

Game type:
Getting to know you, Group/team building
Age group:
Over 15
Number of participants:
Number of leaders:
Time required:
Less than 5 minutes

Credit card/business card etc.

May need to divide teams into boys and girls if you think that the nature of this program is inapropriate or feel that the chanichim might react poorly to the idea.

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