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Fruit baton

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How the game is played:
All participants sit in a circle.
The leader goes around the group asking each participant to choose a fruit that will reperesnt them. One participant is elected to be the "Fruit baton", they are given a peice of paper rolled up in the form of a baton.
A participant who is sitting jumps up and calls the name of a participating fruit. The fruit baton must run around the circle trying to bop the fruit on their head before they get the chance to call out another fruit. When your fruit is called you must jump up and call another fruit. This game is random and fun and can be played with any number of participant, although it is most fun with more players.

Game type:
Ice breaker, Just for fun, Structured free-time, Time filler
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A piece of paper rolled up in the from of a baton.

Ensure to enforce the point that the fruit baton must not be violent. A light tap on the head with the fruit baton is fine however repeated knocks is innapropriate and unjustified. This game is non-violent and does not promote fighting.

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