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Kung Fu

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How the game is played:
The players all start with their hands in the middle. The person who will go first (winner from the last round) says kuuuuung fu! On "fu!" everyone jumps out of the middle and assumes kung fu fighting positions.

On each person's turn they make a single move, in one fluid motion, attempting to hit the hand of another player with their hand. This move may include jumping and broad strokes, but they cannot rebound (e.i. I chop and then withdraw my hand back to its original position).

The turns go clockwise from the first person, following the same order as the game progresses (minus the people who have been knocked out).

When it is not your turn, if someone makes a move towards you, you may make a defensive move away from them. If you do so, it does not count as your move, even if you were next.

Game type:
Just for fun
Age group:
Over 10
Number of participants:
5 to 10
Number of leaders:
Time required:



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