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How the game is played:
The chanachim are put into a circle. One person moves their arms straight outwards and shouts 'WAARH!' or 'Waa!' or 'Wah?', pointing at someone across the circle. The person who was pointed at lifts their arms straight up, shouting 'Wargh!' and the people either side of him move their arms straight towards the person who recieved the 'Wah', in an axe-cutting movement, also shouting 'Wargh!'.

The person who recieved the 'Wah' then passes it on by moving their hands straight down pointing at someone else, shouting 'Warrgh', and the game continues.

The aim is to keep the rhythm of the game, as all the 'Wahs' should be in time. If someone misses a beat, forgets to go or does the wrong actions they are out. The beat can be slowed down or quickened according to the ability of the chanachim.

Variation: Name 'Wargh' - instead of shouting 'Wargh' you use the person's name. Therefore: "Danny!"
Danny puts his arms up and Danny shouts 'Danny!'
The people either side of Danny move their arms straight towards him and shout 'Danny'
Danny moves his arms straight down, points at Sophie and shouts "Sophie!", and it continues.

Game type:
Ice breaker, Just for fun, Name game, Simulation, Time filler, Tzevet Kef
Age group:
Over 10
Number of participants:
Number of leaders:
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however i am impressed in the use of me in your example :P
by sophiegraham on 23/12/2006 23:45:59

ahahah u spelt it wrong. as i pointed out earlier its WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAR
by sophiegraham on 23/12/2006 23:45:33
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