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Movie Game

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How the game is played:
One person is selected to try to guess a movie that the group agrees on when he/she is out of the room. In order to guess which movie has been selected, when the guesser returns to the group he/she can ask ONE question about any subject to anyone in the group, for EVERY word that appears in the film's title. The person asked then has to answer with a response that includes that word. The aim for the responder is to conceal the word in the answer to make it hard for the guesser to work out which word appears in the title of the film.

For example, if the film is "Die Hard", the guesser can ask 2 questions to any 2 people of his choice. For the first question, the first responder chosen needs to include the word "die" in his/her answer and for the second question, the second responder needs to include the word "hard".

After all the answers the guesser can try to work out which movie was chosen. Answers should not be repeated.

Ideally movies with titles of more than 5 words should be chosen.

Game type:
Just for fun
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Time required:
10-20 minutes



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really it only takes you 20 mins? it takes us like 2 hours wow u must be good at it!!!!!!!! wooooooooo hooooooo
by saz.g on 07/04/2006 14:27:50
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