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Gday Bruce

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How the game is played:
All participants sit in a circle. The person who is starting turns to the person on their right and says "gday bruce" (with an australian accent) the person they have said it to says "gday bruce" back to them. The person who started then says "say gday to bruce bruce."

The second person then turns to the person to their right and it starts again.

If someone makes a mistake, they then become Madge, another mistake and they become Harold, then Sheila, then Lou, then Summer, then they are out.

It ends up sounding something like "Gday Bruce" "Gday Madge" "Say Gday to Lou Madge"

Game type:
Group/team building, Ice breaker, Just for fun, Name game, Time filler
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Is a lot of fun and gets a lot of laughs!

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true elly, kl variation, have u heard of a game called harrysticks?
by shhhhzam! on 06/07/2006 14:54:51

I love this game but I play it slightly differently. When someone makes a mistake they become Bruce Bruce so then it would go "Gday Bruce" "Gday Bruce Bruce" "Say gday to bruce bruce bruce".
after bruce bruce, you become bruce bruce bruce and then you become sheila.
by ellyruben on 06/07/2006 09:53:50
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