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Animal Snap

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How the game is played:
A pack of cards is dealt between however many people are playing.
Each player choses an animal sound (the funnier the better) e.g. baa, moo, quack, woof, miaw etc.
You take it in turns going round the circle turning over a card onto your own little pile in front of you.
If two people have the same card they must shout out the other person's animal noise-NOT their own.
They person who doesn't get it first must pick up the two piles of cards involved in the snap.
The first person to finish all their cards wins.

Game type:
Just for fun
Age group:
Over 5
Number of participants:
5 to 10
Number of leaders:
Time required:

a pack of cards

an incredibly funny game.
especially if you get really into it, shouting "quack! moo! baa! ribbit! no no no, i meant woof!" at the top of your voice!

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