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Never Have I Ever

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How the game is played:
Everyone sits in a circle and puts both their hands in front of them, fingers/thumbs up. One person goes first and says "Never have I ever..." and then something they've never done. Everyone who has done that puts one of their fingers down. A hubbub should ensue and hopefully people will start chanting "story! story! story!" or something. Whoever puts all 10 fingers/thumbs down first wins, and has also probably done some pretty crazy stuff.

Game type:
Getting to know you, Just for fun, Structured free-time
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This game can take anywhere from 20 minutes to over an hour, depending on how many stories people tell and how many people play. This is a good game if you have two different tight-knit groups meeting each other because generally a person will say "Never have I ever..." done something that they know someone else in their group HAS done and has a good story about. However, similarly to "I've Never," it can get inappropriate or uncomfortable if you play it with older kids.

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