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STEM/Dream game

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How the game is played:
You get any size group, sit them down and send one unfortunate person out of ear shot. You then tell the group that when the person comes back you, the madrich, will tell the person that everyone had the same dream last night and they should try to guess what it was using yes or no questions. Tell the group that is the last letter of the last word of the question ends in S T E or M the answer is always "yes", any other letter "No" and the letter Y "maybe"
E.g "Was i in the dreaM?"- "yes"
"Did i hurt yoU?"- "no"
"Could i flY?"- "maybe"
The person then comes back and after he decides he has asked enough questions you tell him what you were doing and that the dream he has 'pieced together' is all from his imagination! Enjoy!

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Just for fun
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Watch out this game often ends up heading down, ahem, inappropriate lines of questioning! Just step in and re-direct the questioning.

Also once the game has been played it can't be played again with teh same group of people because they know how it works.

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