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How the game is played:
Everyone sits in a circle, and a madrich wanders around asking people interrogation questions like "hey! what's going on here?" But the chanich may not answer. The chanich to their left must answer for them, be their advocate, if you will. the advocate must exclaim that they don't know and suggest someone else that you should ask.

So for example. The mad goes up to shimon and says "is that lipstick on your collar?"
and shimon remains silent, the chanich to his left, shlomo, answers for him, "I'm not entirely sure, perhaps you should ask Fredericka" and points to Fredericka, and so on.

If the person who is asked says anything, then they are out.
If the advocate fails to answer, then they are out.
If the advocate points you on to someone who is out, then they are out.

People who are out must stay in their seat as obstacles. So if the person on Shmulik's left is out, then the next person along is his advocate. and so on.

Game type:
Just for fun, Name game, Time filler, Trigger
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yeh this is exactly like lawyer
by shhhhzam! on 06/07/2006 14:57:31

This is effectively a duplicate of "Lawyer": http://www.kefkefkef.com/games_display.asp?ID=74
by jnothman on 07/01/2006 14:53:33
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