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Hidden Agendas

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A good thing to do in k'vutsa time, or another occasion when small group are the order of the day. Give everyone in your group a "hidden agenda", a small quirk that they have to adhire to for a set period, eg. over dinner, all day or for the whole camp. These can take many forms, fun examples in my experience have been:
1. The person has a phobia of gravity
2. The person cannot speak unless they are touching the person they wish to speak to.
3. The person must remove one item of clothing whenever they hear the word "Wittgenstein" and cannot replace it for one hour.
Think of anything you like, as long as it won't offend people in context. They then go back to the main group with their hidden agendas and wreak (controlled, measured, safe) havoc. If you're feeling adventurous one chanich can be appointed to work out what the HAs are, or you could get them to choose their own HAs and the madrichim have to guess.

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