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Kiss Kiss

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How the game is played:
WARNING: TZEVETS AND OVER 17s ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sit in 2 concentric circles, facing inwards, so that everyone has a corresponding partner (of similar size is best) in the other circle. Each pair is then numbered, and must remember their number. The gap between then two circles should be roughly 3 or 4 feet (a metre for the metrically minded). One person sits in the middle, and is "in charge". The person in the middle says a number. The person in the inner circle (a) with that number stands up and makes a dash for him/her. The person in the outer circle (b) stands up and ust intercept him. If a makes it to the person in the middle then they take over that position. If b prevents him from getting there then he takes the middle. The person there originally takes over the space of the person who "loses", thus if b catches a, b goes in the middle, a goes to b's original position and the person in the middle goes to a's.

Game type:
Tzevet Kef
Age group:
Over 18
Number of participants:
20 to 30
Number of leaders:
Time required:
20-30 minutes


Be careful, this can get messy. Do not play if you know there're people who will actually hurt each other. When played competetively but friendlyly it is great fun, but don't let it go out of control.

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