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Food Chain

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How the game is played:
This works best with as many people as possible even up to 300. Split everyone up into a few groups. if the group is 100 people it would be split up as follows
Herbivores=40 people and should wear all Green.
Omnivores=30 people and should wear all Blue.
Carnivores=25 people and should wear all Red.
Diseases/Famine/Hunters=5 people and should wear all black.

Madrichim should be involved, though there should be two waterholes far apart from each other where the omnivores and herbivores can feed (You give them a blue piece of paper as a water credit and green for food). Herbivores have to hide and try to get to the waterholes. to feed, Omnivores can also use the waterholes, but can also eat the herbivores. Carnivores cannot use the waterholes, but can eat anyone except for famine, Hunters and diseases. Famine, hunters and diseases can 'eat' anyone.
The goal of the game is to survive. Herbivores and omnivores die if they run out of pieces of coloured paper. each time they are eaten they must give their paper to the person that ate them. If they run out they are out (They start with one of each and can get one of each(Water and food) each time they make it to a station, though they can not go to the same station twice). Omnivores are in a better position because they can eat the herbivores, but the herbivores can only get to stations to survive. Carnivores eat anyone and so survive by catching the omnivores and herbivores. Disease and famine should be Madrichim ideally (Or older kids). They eat anyone and return the pieces of paper to the stations.

And so the circle of life continues... After people are tired, or mostly out blow a whistle or something and end the game. those with the most water and food win! Disease and hunters and famine are evil and never win, they are just eeeeeevvvvviiiiiiiillllllll.

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Time required:
1-2 hours

papers of blue and green, clothes in the right colours for the teams, and open space and foresty places.

Tell me if I made a mistake in my explanation. I'll fix it.

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