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Your place in Israel?

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Your place in Israel
By Daniel Roth

Zombie, General, Only God can Judge meÖ Jerusalem

How do these Lyrics relate to Israel?
(Split up into three groups to discuss the lyrics and any pieces that have anything to do with Israel, and come back to present) Example: In Tupacs song there is a line that says "Don't get caught up in the mix cause the media is full of dirty tricks" This can be related in a few ways..
How many of you are confident in your knowledge of Israeli history and politics?

(Split into 4 groups, Write out 100 years of Zionism and Israeli history and politics in point form.
The histories that they come up with will no doubt be different at least slightly. ).
Why are there such different opinions of the history and politics in this room alone?

lay down a piece of tape have the kids line up next to each other on the pieces of tape all faces forward(Not back to front).
Step forward, 1 step, if you think it is Zionist, Step back 1 if you think it isnít, and stay where you are if you donít know or it doesn't matter to you in terms of zionism.

THE LIST of things that may be Zionist:
Being Jewish
Thinking about Israel once a week
Thinking about Israel everyday
Learning about Israel (History, Politics etc.)
Watching the News
Watching the News and caring
Doing community events like ceremonies, and rallies
Going to the Ken
Going to Mosh
Getting your Chultzah
Being Socialist
Giving Money
Visiting Israel
Visiting on a short program (Yedid)
Visiting on a long program (Schnat)
Working/volunteering in Israel
Making Aliyah
Joining the IDF
Joining a Kibbutz
Philosophizing about Israel society
Making Babies with Jews to grow up in Israel
Making Babies with Palestinians to grow up in Israel
Dying for Israel
Killing for Israel

So, What is Zionism?
How many of you plan to do a long program to Israel(Machon)/Make aliyah/visit?
How Important is Going on a long program or making aliyah to you, To your movement, or to Israel?
Is there a must to be a good Member of your movement (If your movement is Zionist), to be a good Zionist?

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Age group:
Over 15
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Number of leaders:
Time required:
1-2 hours

Lyrics for "Zombie" by the Cranberries, "Only God can Judge me" by Tupac, "The General" by Dispatch and "Jerusalem" by Steve Earle. These are available over on the internet. A roll of tape.

The lyrics work better if they are only on paper, if you provide the songs in audio they can lose focus. The song Jerusalem seems simple for this peula, but it is worthwhile to help bring focus on Israel to the discussion at the beginning.
Do not be afraid to let the discussion expand and go for a long time. Do not be afraid to let the participants reveal their different ideas about zionist history, and more importantly do not stifle their views of Zionism. There are many different ideas and definitions of zionism, let these come out. Seeing what people think about zionism is one of the most effective ways for people to better define their own views about zionism and/or their movements.

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