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How the game is played:
In this game, chanichim walk around playing "Scissors, papper rock" with other chanichim. The loser of the match joins the winner's 'fan club' and has to walk around chanting the winner's name. If the loser already has a fan club then the entire fan club moves over to become the winner's fan club. Eveuntually there will be left with two chanichim each with their own huge fan club. This is a great game and breeds enthusiasm

Game type:
Just for fun, Name game, Time filler
Age group:
Over 5
Number of participants:
Number of leaders:
Time required:
10-20 minutes

Large enough room to roam around with a fan club behind you.

Make sure that there is no one trying to run a tochnit near you as they will probably be distracted by the noise.

For instructions to play "Paper, Scissors, Rock" see the Evolution Game (on this site)

Madrichim should also play this game to help get the enthusiasm going. If the Mads create the atmosphere by shouting the chants at the top of their lungs, the chanichim generally follow suit creating great enthusiasm

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