Find the pair

How to Play:

This is a great guessing game, but with the side effect of splitting people into random pairs. As with other guessing games, put a post-it note on each person's forehead, with a thing on. For example, you could have someone with a post-it note that says "salt", or "pepper", or even "Mickey Mouse" or "King Charles". As with other games, each person shouldn't know what's on their post-it note! The aim is then to wander around the room, asking various people as you bump into them yes/no questions, to try and work out who you are. But - there's a twist! For each person, there's a second one with a related post-it; for example you might have one person with "Shrek" and another with "Donkey", or one with "Lemon" and another with "Lime", or one with "Barak Obama" and with "Michelle Obama". Each person, through their yes/no questions, needs to find their pair, and pair up with them.


Pens Post-it notes

Quick Info

Covid RiskLow

Time RequiredAny

Age RangeAny age

Number of LeadersAny

Number of ParticipantsAny

Game Types

Get to Know You, Ice Breaker, Just for Fun, Splitting Participants into Groups, Team Building, Trigger

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