The Order of The Holy Dido

How to Play:

First, we choose an object to be the Holy Dido, and place it in the centre of the circle. Everyone else sits in a circle on chairs around the Holy Dido, and somebody is chosen to be the Master of the Holy Dido. Those sitting in the circle must follow a series of strict rules, as laid out by the Master. For example: - You must have a straight face at all times - You must sit with your back straight - You must maintain eye contact with the Master at all times when speaking to them - Your legs must not be crossed etc. The game begins when the Court is called into order, by the Master saying "I hereby call the Court of the Holy Dido into order". The aim of the game is for somebody to follow a series of steps to retrieve the Holy Dido. These steps are: - Request to speak - Request to accuse a member of the Order - Accuse a member of the Order of not following the rules - Request to stand - Request to approach the Holy Dido - Request to pick up the Holy Dido - Request to approach the member who was not following the rules - Request to punish the member who was not following the rule - Hit the member lightly on the head with the Holy Dido - Request to return the Holy Dido - Request to place the Holy Dido - Request to return to your seat After each request, you can only proceed if the Master says "you may". If the Master says anything else, you must not respond, or will be punished at the Mater's discretion. In the example, they may do as follows: Sister: "Master <name>, may I speak?" Master: "You may speak, Sister" Sister: "Master <name>, may I accuse a comrade?" Master: "You may" Sister: "Master <name>, may I accuse Comrade <name>?" Master: "You may" etc, etc, etc. If at any point the Brother/Sister attempting to retrieve the Dido gets the order of steps wrong or breaks any of the rules set out previously, the Master will command them to return to their seat, and they would have to try again. If the Brother/Sister successfully retrieves the Dido, they become the Master. The Master may at any point change the rules that the Brothers/Sisters must follow, by saying "Members of the Order, I hereby declare that you must... " If any Brother/Sister sees any other Brother/Sister break the rules, they can report the Brother/Sister in a similar way, and begin their process of attempting to retrieve the Holy Dido.

Quick Info

Covid RiskLow

Time RequiredAt least 15 minutes

Age Range9 or older

Number of Leaders1 or more

Number of Participants5 or more

Game Types

Drama, Free Time, Ice Breaker, Just for Fun, Simulation

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