Lap Tag

How to Play:

To play, you need an odd number of people. Sit in a circle, where each person has another person on their lap; meaning that one person won't have anybody on their lap. The person with nobody on their lap must then shout two names of people who are seated on two others' laps. Those two people must then race to tap the foot of the person who just shouted the two names, as follows: As soon as the two names are shouted, the people who have the two people on their laps must grab them to stop them escaping. At the same time, the people whose names have been called need fo try and escape the grip and to crawl over to the person who shouted the names. At no point can anybody stand up - crawling at all times. If it looks like a stalemate is ensuing (i.e. they both seem unable to escape the grip of their captor), the person who shouted the first two names can shout a third. Once the person's foot is tapped, the person who tapped their foot goes behind the person who's foot was tapped (so the person who shouted the two names is now on the lap of one of the people they shouted). The other people who were wrestling then switch places with each other - i.e. if they were on the lap, they then become behind & have the other person on their lap, and vice versa. This'll leave one person again in the circle with nobody on their lap - and the game repeats.


Make sure to choose a set of rules that works for your group first. E.g. you could say "no biting/punching/pinching & no attacks above the shoulders". Best played with shoes off, and make sure to empty your pockets!

Quick Info

Covid RiskHigh

Time RequiredAt least 15 minutes

Age Range15 or older

Number of LeadersAny

Number of Participants7 or more

Game Types

Just for Fun, Tzevet Kef

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