Table football

How to Play:

Madrichim lay out tables in 4 corners of a large space. Shoes must be off for play. Participants are divided into 4 equal teams (ideally 2-3 members per team but more tables and hence teams can be added if the number of participants is greater). One person acts as the goalie, and one as a midfielder, and general football rules apply. Each of the tables acts as a goal, so the aim is to kick the ball against the table of another team in order to score. If this happens, the team that has been scored at loses a member, who is now out for the duration of the game. The last team with members remaining wins. Extra rules: double touch is not allowed - those who kick the football twice successively are out for 30 seconds as a penalty, further if the ball hits the ceiling the team member who kicked it is out for 30 seconds. Back ins can be added if time allows, if the team that scores wishes to bring back a member of their team who is out.


4+ trestle tables, large space, soft ball (sponge ball is ideal)


This is a favourite at our Bnei Akiva sviva of 5-15 ish kids, and could entertain them for hours!


Should be less transmissible as the ball is passed by foot rather than hands, but ensure that hands are washed before playing and sanitize the ball if possible. Hands should be washed again after playing, and the space ventilated as it gets competitive so shouting can occur!

Quick Info

Covid RiskMedium

Time Required10 minutes to 40 minutes

Age Range5 to 18 years old

Number of Leaders2 to 6

Number of Participants8 to 16

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