How to Play:

All the chanachim sit in a circle - the lights are turned off nd they r told to shut ther eyes. The madrich/a taps 3 chanachim on the head - they r the mafia. they in turn chose a victim that they hav killed. They all sit down nd the lights r turned back on. The madrich/a tells a really creepy story that involves three dead bodies. The bodies are then revealed. the chanichim then get to vote on who they think are the mafia (usually giggling or guilty looks give them away). the three chanachim that get the most votes are put in prison. before they go they r asked to reveal if they were the mafia. the game goes on untill all the mafia are discovered.

Quick Info

Covid RiskLow

Time Required5 minutes to 10 minutes

Age Range8 to 10 years old

Number of Leaders3 or more

Number of Participants10 to 20

Game Types

Just for Fun

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