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How to Play:

The chanichim sit in a circle. and are taught the formula for the song wich goes "this is a ........." "a what?" "a ........." "a what" " a ........" "oh a ........". now the origional game is played by passing objects around the circle. chanich 1 has a shoe and says "this is a shoe" to chanich 2 whilst chanich 16 (who is sitting next to chanich 1 and who has an orange) is telling chanich 1 "this is an orange" chanich 2 then asks chanich 1 "a what?" whilst chanich one asks chanich 16 "a what?" and then chanich 1 answers chanich two "a shoe" whilst chanich 16 answers chanich 1 "an orange. (at the same time chanich two is trying to pass something to chanich three and 15 to 16 etc.) at the end of the chant each chanich takes the object being passed to them and tries to pass the new object on. the same game can also be played using names. and instead of passing objects people pass their names around the circle eg "i am romi" " a who?" etc.

Quick Info

Covid RiskLow

Time RequiredAny

Age Range10 or older

Number of LeadersAny

Number of ParticipantsAny

Game Types

Get to Know You, Ice Breaker, Just for Fun

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