Space Quest

How to Play:

You're about to play Space Quest: the ultimate game of stellar military strategy and diplomacy! As a respected maddie in charge of a vast army of chanichim, your mission is simple: Restore order to a war ravaged space system! Use this Command Manual to guide you through the newly revised Space Quest. Now. Let the Battle Commence! The Story Simon, has finally completed his life's work- a teleportation device capable of moving living beings across space and even time itself! His initial experiment is designed to transport himself back in time just half an hour so that the pe'ulah can be ready on time, but an accident flings him across the universe and into the far future, with no hope of return. Arriving on a dilapidated space station he learns from the station's last surviving crew member (Fidler) that a great war has ravaged the systems five planetary clusters, leaving just one survivor on each world (Helen, Natasha, Sarah, Josh and Claire). Fidler begs Simon to help him restore the system to its former glory, so Simon uses his device to teleport ~40 chanachim to the station and tells them to help the survivors restore the order on their worlds by restoring their economies. Trigger This will explain the above story using videos and live action pieces. Post Trigger The chanichim will be divided between the five survivors. The survivors will explain to their teams individually how they have no intention of making peace- they are going to finish the war their forefathers started and they are going to win! Madrichim Roles and Responsibilities 1 Overseer : announces invasions and events, and is the referee 5 Group leaders: Help their team strategise and build. Explain rules if required. 1 map coordinator: updates the CGI map to show whom owns which planets and any other events which may occur during the game. 1 (preferably 2) person at the Station: Buying and selling things the teams make. Overall: 7 maddies required, 8 preferred. The Rules The Object of the Game The aim of the game is to have as many Altarian Dollars (stickers) as possible at the end of the game. The team with the most will win the ultimate prize. The Map The map represents the system. It is divided into 5 clusters each of which has 5 planets. Each planet will have a label with its name- the colour of this label will signify who owns it at that time. As the game goes on you will find that who controls which planet changes so make sure you send scouts to check the map constantly or you may find yourself unexpectedly facing a different opponent. Each denizen of a cluster, i.e. the chanichim and madrichim, will be given a party hat to show which cluster they belong to. Colours are those shown above or as similar as can be found- blue, green, orange, white and purple. The Planet Cards Every cluster will be given 5 planet cards at the start of the game, each signifying a planet they own. At the top of each card there will also be a colour symbolising which cluster that card originally belonged to. This colour will be the same one as the one on the labels. Below shows an example of a planet card (again the real ones are more elaborate.) Planet: Monor Strength 1: Spaceships ***** 2: Weaponry *** 3: Robot Crew ** 4: Technology ** Each planet will have 12 *asterisks*, which will be ibble-dibble stickers. When they gain strength in one area more stickers will be added. At the start of the game they will be given 6 additional stickers to put wherever they like on their planet cards to give the chanachim some control of their starting strengths. The Turn Sequence Space Quest is divided into turns. During each turn each cluster will be called up one by one by the Game Master and asked whether they wish to invade another cluster. It is entirely optional as to whether they wish to invade or not, but it is advisable that they do (invasions will be explained later). While the invasions are going on the chanichim will either be busy building, strategising where to invade next, or even spying on other clusters. The end of a turn will be signified by the Game Master ringing a bell, which will also start the next turn. The Station In one corner of the room is the Space Station. During each turn (including the first) a representative from each group can go to the Station and swap strength points for building/painting materials. They can then use as much time as they need to make either a war machine, a space ship etc- anything futuristic, although it is recommended that speed is of the essence. They can then return these to the Station when they're done and sell them in exchange for more strength points(/stickers/ Altarian Dollars) for any one of their planets. Alternatively they can split the strength points across a few planets. Thus the chanichim have the ability to move and amplify strength points around by making things. The amount of strength points the chanichim can get for their construction (or painting/sketch) will be decided by the Station owner depending on how good they are. Be warned if they are too quick in their building and it is a useless item the chanichim will be rewarded nothing for their efforts. Invasions If they wish to, the chanichim can choose to invade a planet from a different cluster. They can do this by invading the neighbouring planets i.e. the planets that are directly either side of their cluster, or, by using the liner accelerator system. Each cluster will be assigned accelerator port that will be controlled by the central planet. The chanichim can therefore use this planet to invade any other planet with an accelerator port attached (ie. the gamma (3rd) planet) At the beginning of each turn the maddie in overall charge will call up a representative of each cluster to the map zone and ask them if they want to invade someone. The representative will then state which cluster and which planet they wish to invade and the Game Master will shout this out so the whole room knows what is going on. The invadee will bring up the chosen planet card to the map zone where all invasions take place. The attacker will then role a dice, that decides which attribute will be used. The attribute is decided as follows: 1 : spaceships strength 2 : weaponry strength 3 : robot crew strength 4 : technology strength 5 : the attacker decides 6 : the defender decides. If the attacker wins the invasion he will gain control of the planet that was invaded, thus the map will change. If the defender wins or there is a draw he has successfully defended the invasion and nothing changes. Below is an example of a typical invasion: Attacker: Defender: Planet: Monor Strength 1: Spaceships ***** 2: Weaponry *** 3: Robot Crew ** 4: Technology ** Let us say that the attacker roles a 1. His spaceships strength is higher than the defenders so he wins the planet and it becomes part of his or her cluster. The winning cluster's flag will now fly over it on the map. If he rolls a 6 the defender will get to choose, and he will probably choose technology and thus win by 5 points to 2, and so gain the attacker's planet. If he rolls a 2 they draw and nothing happens. TOP SECRET- PLOT TWISTS The above story and rules are by no means complete- at three points in the game something unusual will happen to move the plot and the war along. These must be kept secret from all maddies who will be heading teams, including Claire, as otherwise it will ruin the game. This is how it will proceed: Turn: 1. Normal 2. Normal 3. Asteroid diplomacy 4. Normal 5. Alien Invasion fleet spotted 6. Normal/counter force in flight 7. Alien arrives- Linear accelerator system destroyed 8. Normal- but no station or ports 9. Fidler takes over Normal turns use the rules described above. Unusual turns will be introduced as we go along, and so will be explained at the time. Here are the full explanations: 3: Asteroid Diplomacy The game master will announce that a resource heavy asteroid has entered the system (it will appear on the map) and that he needs the help of three of the clusters to mine it for its resources. The three that help will get a share in these resources (that share will be ~5 stickers, but the groups will not know this). The clusters must each send up one representative to a table in the middle of the room, which they will sit around. The representatives must then discuss which team they don't want to get any share in the asteroid. A "Weakest Link" style round will then proceed in which those representatives each secretly write down the colour of the team that they want to vote off the asteroid. Each person reveals their vote and if there is a majority of 3 or more against one team then that team leaves the debate and doesn't get any of the bounty. This is then repeated to knock out a second team- but this time they all know who voted for who first round, so there's room for back stabbing. This round is intended to destroy trust between the teams and increase backstabbing later. The three winners get their prizes. 5: Alien Invasion Fidler, at the station, announces that long range scanners have detected a massive alien spacecraft heading for the system- it will arrive in just two turns and who knows what it will destroy- a team? The Station (thus ceasing all trading)? The Accelerator Network? Clearly it must be destroyed. The teams each send a new representative to the table for diplomacy. This time they must decide how many of their stickers they will give to Fidler for his station to build a counter force to meet the aliens before they enter the system. The alien will have its own, secret, card which will be kept by the games master, and no one will know how strong it is. The teams decide how much to contribute to the counter force card, bearing in mind that giving a lot will leave them weaker while giving little increases the chance of the alien invasion arriving and destroying them, or maybe their enemies- they have no way of knowing. Another turn (6) is played as normal, then the counter force will fight the invader, in the same way as any normal invasion, except that it will be rigged so that the counter force loses (hence why the maddies MUST NOT know this). It will be announced that the aliens destroy the accelerator network ring, so teams may no longer visit the Station or invade other planets which they can only reach via the system (the gamma planets). The invader will then be destroyed. 9: Fidler takes over In a huge plot twist, analysis of the wreckage of the invasion force shows that it wasn't alien at all- it was a pre-emptive strike from Earth! Fidler's character engineered the whole thing- kidnapping Simon and the Chanachim to use them as slave labour to build him war machines, which he has been collecting at the Station. He knew that the survivors would begin the war again- in fact he was relying on it!- and he's going to use his now heavily fortified Station to invade the Earth. The team leaders have this explained to them and Simon will try and get them to unite to destroy Fidler. Each team must choose one planet to send against the Station. The Station has a card which is massively strong, and it will take many planets to destroy it. The strength of the five cards are added up onto a super card, which then fights the Station. The Station has just one attribute- Strength- which will have a high, secret, number of points- say 100. All the points from the five planets will be added up. If they are greater than the Stations then the Station will be destroyed, the game will end and the points of each team will be added up- the one with the most points will win and get a big prize, and all the others will get a small prize for saving Earth. However, if the Station wins then Fidler's evil plan will have worked, all the teams will be destroyed and no one will get any prizes at all. The point of this round is to see how much they are prepared to sacrifice to win- the team that pledges the most points is more likely to lose at the final count, but if no one pledges then no one will win at all.

Quick Info

Covid RiskLow

Time Required2 hours to 4 hours

Age Range10 or older

Number of Leaders6 or more

Number of Participants30 to 40

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