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How to Play:

1. Define the play area. Don't make it too big or the game takes too long. You'll need to spread the players about 2-3 metres apart at the most. 2. Choose someone to do the catching. With a small group use only one, but it works better with more in bigger groups. Blindfold the catcher(s). 3. Everyone finds a spot in the playing area and stands still. 4. The catchers are released into the playing area and have to find the players to catch them. Remind the players that silence makes them hard to find. 5. To avoid being caught, the players are allowed to take three steps only in the whole game. They may bend or crouch or lie down. One roll on the floor counts as one step. One push back while shuffling on your backside counts as one step. Be as mean or as lenient as you want! The game finishes when all (or nearly all) have been caught.

Quick Info

Covid RiskHigh

Time Required10 minutes to 20 minutes

Age RangeAny age

Number of LeadersAny

Number of ParticipantsAny

Game Types

Free Time, Just for Fun, Sport

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