Monster Quest

How to Play:

This works best in a site that has lots of indoor spaces and corridors, but could be played outdoors as well. Ideally it will be played at night with as little lighting as possible (for reasons below) - although enough light so that it's safe! All the participants are Monster Hunters, identified in some way (perhaps all wearing hats) and at the start, one madrich is the "King (or Queen) Monster". The Monster can only stagger about and nobody is allowed to run. If the Monster catches you, you become a Monster. Monsters are identified in another way (e.g. not wearing a hat). All Monsters have to keep moving at all times, and are not allowed to pick anything up. Also Monsters are not allowed to speak, only growl and roar. If a Monster sees a Monster Hunter, they have to give chase regardless of what they were doing before. The rest of the madrichim can either be participants or just be around to keep the game going and make sure the rules are followed. All the Monster Hunters are searching for the pieces of the Monster Destroyer, a powerful weapon that will destroy the King/Queen Monster forever. These pieces can be parts of a big torch (e.g. batteries, bulb, plastic shell etc.) - which is why the low lighting is important (as well as building atmosphere!) or simply parts of a puzzle that have to be collected. The pieces are hidden around the site in advance by the person(s) running the game. The aim is for the Monster Hunters to collect all the pieces of the Monster Destroyer before they are all turned into Monsters. If a Monster catches a Hunter who has a piece of the Monster Destroyer, they have to drop it where they stand and move away. The Monster is not allowed to pick it up or hide it. Once more than half of the participants are Monsters, the King/Queen Monster must go to the Monster Hive (defined at the start of the game) and wait there. This will build a climax to the game where the Monster Hunters have to try and get into the Hive. Once the Monster Destroyer has been assembled, the Monster Hunters must seek out the King/Queen Monster and destroy it (either by shining the torch on it or displaying the complete puzzle), whilst shouting "Begone foul Monster!" Any Monster that comes into contact with the Monster Hunters after the Destroyer has been assembled can be eliminated by the Hunter carrying the Destroyer, but only one at a time, and the Hunters have to tag each monster (with a piece of paper, sticker or badge etc.) - therefore could still be attacked while they are defeating the Monsters. Once a Monster is tagged, they are out of the game and must not communicate with other players. When the King/Queen Monster is eliminated as above, the game is over and the remaining Monster Hunters have won. If all the Hunters are caught, the game is over and the Monsters have won. Tactics are important in this game! If the Monsters know the Hunters have assembled the Monster Destroyer, they will rush to protect the King/Queen Monster, making it very difficult for the Hunters to attack the Hive. Once there are lots of Monsters, the Hunters will have to be much more stealthy in order to survive. Going around in groups helps, as if a Monster turns up the group can split up, making it more likely that one of them will survive. Also once some pieces of the Monster Destroyer are found, they could be deposited in a safe place rather than being carried around - as that would increase the risk of being caught and having to drop the pieces. Once the Monster Destroyer is assembled, the Hunters actually become hunters rather than prey.

Quick Info

Covid RiskMedium

Time RequiredAny

Age RangeAny age

Number of LeadersAny

Number of ParticipantsAny

Game Types

Just for Fun, Simulation, Wide Game

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