Streets and Alleys

How to Play:

This is a version of cat and mouse game but excellent for a large number of chanichim and time filling. All chanichim except for two (the selected 'cat' and 'mouse') are to arrange themselves into a grid so that they can reach the fingertips of the person on either side of them sideways and front and back. All Chanichim are to face one way and when the madrich shouts "Switch" they all swivel 90 degrees. This essentially changes the layout from 'streets' to 'alleys'. Now the cat and mouse game begins. The goal of the cat is to catch the mouse but the madrich shouts switch every so often so that the cats and mice have to change directions.

Quick Info

Covid RiskLow

Time Required20 minutes to 30 minutes

Age RangeAny age

Number of LeadersAny

Number of Participants50 or more

Game Types

Free Time, Ice Breaker, Just for Fun, Team Building, Wide Game

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