Amoeba game

How to Play:

Everyone begins as an amoeba (ie quatting on the floor and waddling about). Each amoeba must find another amoeba and play 'paper, scissors, stone' with them. The winner then becomes a chicken (quatting slightly higher up and using arms as wings) and the loser stays an amoeba. Chcikens must only play 'paper, scissors, stone' with other chickens. Winners become dinosaurs (standing up with one arm in front of their head like a long neck) and losers return to being amoeba. Dinosaurs must find dinosaurs to play 'paper, scissors, stone' with and winners become Diana Ross (stand on chairs and sing the following - actions in brackets): "Stop! In the name of love (right hand out in front, bring it round to the side and then both hands on heart), before you break my heart (point, breaking action, point towards yourself, both hands on heart again)" Eventually everyone will be standing on their chairs singing their hearts out!

Quick Info

Covid RiskMedium

Time Required5 minutes to 10 minutes

Age RangeAny age

Number of LeadersAny

Number of Participants10 to 20

Game Types

Ice Breaker, Team Building

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