How to Play:

Essential human netball/basketball. Both teams have 5-10 players, on a court of any suitable length, indoor or out. At either end of the court on a chair stands a member of each team, the game begins with a basketball style tip-off and then the aim is to scoreby throwing the ball so the person on the chair can catch it. When a goal is scored the catcher and the goal thrower swap places and the game begins again from the tip off. Players may only hold the ball for 5 seconds, but it cannot be ripped from their hands, during that time. Players can only pivot with the ball and not run or dribble. Players can go anywhere within the pitch, except a 2 metre radius of the chair. To create greater equality between sexes or heights, rules can be added. For instance, to block a shot you need not physically block it only stand within 2 metres of the attacker with your hand over there shoulder, if they shot, when being defended like that, the goal does not count, and it is a turnover, also you can only allow people to mark those of the same sex.

Quick Info

Covid RiskMedium

Time RequiredAny

Age RangeAny age

Number of Leaders1 or more

Number of Participants10 to 20

Game Types

Free Time, Just for Fun, Sport, Team Building

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