Akiva Hopscotch

How to Play:

Take a normal hopscotch playing thingy: 1 23 4 56 7 89 10 Using a stone throw first onto one. Hopping onto one without putting the other foot down and going up to 10. When the player reaches 10 it must throw the stone and call a number. E.g. 5,10,19 etc. They must then hop to the stone in exactly that many hops from square 1. If this is done correctly then they may proceed up the hopscotch thingy. The player may use one foot to edge forward so long as the other is firmly planted behind the line. The player may not step on the lines and the stone may not land on the lines. The game is won when with a player reaching the number 10. It needs two leaders, one to check no one's cheating and the other to mark where the stone lands.

Quick Info

Covid RiskLow

Time RequiredAny

Age Range5 or older

Number of Leaders2 or more

Number of ParticipantsUp to 5

Game Types

Free Time

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