Change the world in 80 ways

How to Play:

1. Brainstorming the problems with North American Society (Big paper and marker). 2. Leaders lead vote for Picking top 5 problems. 3. Split into 4 groups to create perfect society, only addressing those 5 issues(10-15 minutes). They should discuss how they would fix those 5 problems in their new society. Each group makes short presentation 4. Discussion ensues... -Are there any other important problems that you can think of, other than what was picked? -What are some solutions to those other problems? -Do you think there are any societies that are moving towards bettering themselves? -What can the individual do to change society? 5. 4 Corners -What will you do to change society? - Tape the choices of how to change the world to different sections of the wall. Tell them to go to the corner that they agree with. let them discuss in the groups and then in a larger circle. The question is which way is the best for change the world to make it better. Choices for four corners -Education (Teachers of the world) -Mass Murder (Twelve Monkeys) -Violent Revolution (Castro/Washington) -Peaceful Revolution (Ghandi/Martin Luther King Jr.) -Media (Dead Prez/Bob Dylan/ Paulo Coelho) -Inside the System or Politics (Robert Kennedy) -Money (Bill Gates)

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Covid RiskLow

Time Required1 hour to 2 hours

Age Range10 or older

Number of LeadersAny

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