Past, Present, Future

How to Play:

1. Past- Send the chanichim to spots on the island, or anywhere, where they are not able to see eachother or talk to eachother. Tell them that they should reflect. They may ask "On what?" Answer by repeating "Reflect", don't tell them anything else. 2. Future-bring them back to a circle. Ask them what is their biggest fear? Go around the circle. In most cases that I have run this peula the majority, if not allthe fears will be about the future. Professions, Hadracha, marriage, death etc. 3. Present-The Stick and Rock Game Every one gets a stick and a rock, they then give the stick to someone else in the group and give them a constructive criticism and then they give them the rock and say something positive about them. Then a stick and a rock are passed around the circle and each person says one negative and one positive about the kvutza as a whole. Afterwards everyone throws their stick in the fire, symbolically making a pact to change the bad things about themselves and about the group. The rocks should be kept as a symbolic gesture too. By the end everyone has heard something that they should change about themselves and something that is good about them, as well the group as a whole has been assessed. This brings groups together like superglue. Be careful that everyone is respectful throughout the entire peula.

Quick Info

Covid RiskLow

Time Required1 hour to 2 hours

Age Range15 or older

Number of Leaders2 or more

Number of ParticipantsAny

Game Types

Team Building

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