Dangerous Liasons

How to Play:

Get the chanchim to sit in a circle. Number all the chanchim Get one of the chanchim to sit in the centre of the circle on the ground. Call out a number. The chanich with that number is the defender. Call out a second number. This chanich is the attacker. The aim of the defender is to kiss the attacker on the cheek. The aim of the attacker is to kiss the kid in the middle on the cheek. The way it works is the chanichim can only move on there knees (it gets dangerous when they stand). If the attacker kisses the kid the middle, the defender becomes the kid in the middle for the next round and if the attacker gets kissed by the defender, then the attacker is in the middle for the next round. The next round works in the same way; first number is defender (and can get into position) and the second number is the attacker and the round starts when the 2nd number is called.

Quick Info

Covid RiskHigh

Time Required10 minutes to 20 minutes

Age Range15 or older

Number of LeadersAny

Number of ParticipantsAny

Game Types

Just for Fun, Team Building, Tzevet Kef

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