Bang (other versions)

How to Play:

1. Gnab This is Bang with all names and Bang reversed. People now shout Gnab instead of bang, and their name backwards is used instead of their name forwards. 2. Mossad Bang Mossad is of course the secret service of Israel. For this version (worth building up the story here) the chanichim/madrichim dependant on who is playing become agents. Like secret agents, they must take on new identities and they do this by assuming the name of the person to their right. But of course, we still know who each person is, so they need to go deep undercover! They do this by installing themselves at a new position where the people dont know them so well (namely a different part of the circle - important that channies/maddies are completely mixed up) A name is called out by the leader of the game, and the person who has taken on that name is the target for the agents on either side to assasinate. The other agents have to have their wits about them, as they just do not know who is going to be the target. The person who has taken on the name that is called, ducks to avoid being shot, and it is that agent on either side who is shot first in the crossfire that dies and is out of the game. The person who is now dead, calls the next name, and so the game continues. If a name is called and no one answers to it who is alive, then a new name is called. At NO POINT must the channies/maddies reveal their identity to ANYONE! - The credit for the creation of this version goes to Colin Bulka a Hadracha (and Netzer) legend and guru! 3. Mossad Gnab Use both rules together to create an ultimate hybrid! 4. Shmang Normal rules of bang apply, but using Smang instead of bang, putting "shm" in front of everyones name, and firing in a matrix stylee, inclusive of Neo-like back bending. REMEMBER: For all games of bang: Different people play different rules. Some will allow use of differing weapons other than just guns (e.g bazooka launchers) Some will allow use of two guns (where each hand is a gun) Some say that if no one is shot first then people must continue banging (on the same breath) until someone has no breath left. Boys and girls - However you choose to play - play safe!

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Covid RiskMedium

Time RequiredAny

Age RangeAny age

Number of LeadersAny

Number of ParticipantsAny

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Get to Know You, Ice Breaker, Just for Fun, Trigger

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