How to Play:

The group is told to dress up smartly and then arrives at a room which is made up to look like a casino. At the door, each person gets a small bunch of sweets. The sweets need to be of different veriety as each different sweet is worth more or less than the other. Each person starts off with a small veriety and has to and play games at the the different game/ gambling places around the room. To play these games each person has a cirtain amount of sweets to bid forward and if they win they get more and if they loose, they get nothing back. These games can be card games and dice games as well as other games which you don't usually find in a casino. E.g: Bowling,backgamen. You can also add intertainment and serve refreshments such as juice and buscuits just to set the scene. The aim is not to loose all your sweets. If you loose all your sweets. You've lost your money and therefore you have to do a forfit to get more. If this is not done. You cannot continue to gamble.

Quick Info

Covid RiskLow

Time Required45 minutes to 1 hour

Age Range15 to 17 years old

Number of Leaders6 or more

Number of Participants20 to 30

Game Types

Just for Fun

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