Mini olympics

How to Play:

All the channichim are devided into eg:8 groups equally. The groups are then all given a colour eg:Blue,black,Red,Orange,Yellow, Green, Pink,White,Purple. The groups then have 5 mins to get changed into the colour ,come up with war cries,make posters and start getting points which stick onto the posters which each group makes. The madrich leading the game then blows a whistle and all the groups go off to different stations which are run by the other madrichim Eg: human pyramid,smarties in flour, bobbing for apples, obsticle course,limbo, Water balloons,3 sticks,water bowl. The Madrichim running tha stalls are encharge of explaining what they have to do at the stations and encourage the group to scream war cries and decide how many points the group gets for both-Either 10,15,20 or 30 which are stuck on to the posters that they bring with them. The Madrich running the entire wide game is encharge of timing each station(5-10 minutes at each) once the time is up they blow a whistle which makes each group move on to the next station. Once the groups finish all the stations they meet back where they first met and the points are counted and the group with the most points is the winner and gets a box with sweets or prizes.

Quick Info

Covid RiskLow

Time Required2 hours to 4 hours

Age RangeAny age

Number of Leaders6 or more

Number of Participants50 or more

Game Types

Wide Game

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Game Management