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Click Catch

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This game works well when the Madrichim start playing it first without telling the kids - usually the Chanichim will join in naturally.
Very simple - one Madrich will start clicking and will throw their 'click' into the air (like an imaginery ball) The Madrich should do 'tricks' with their click (throw your click up, spin around and catch it?!). Pass your click on by throwing it accross the circle - that person should catch your click and try some tricks out of their own..
A LOT of imagination needed for this game, but fantastic for grabbing the attention of your chanichim!! - You will be amazed how much they concentrate 'watching' the invisible tricks!!

Personally, I could play this game for hours....!

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Drama games, Just for fun, Time filler
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Nothing at all!

If you can't click, then throw an invisible ball... or if your feeling wild, an invisible frisbee!

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