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Chocolate Game

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How the game is played:
Have items of clothes such as hat, scarf and gloves in the centre of a circle together with a knife and fork and a bar of chocolate. then you go round the circle giving everyone a chance to role the dice. If someone gets a 6 they run to the middle of the circle and put on all the clothing and then proceed to try and eat the chocolate with the knife and fork. Meanwhile if someone else gets a 6 they have to stop immeadiatly and the next person tries to eat the chocolate by the same process. Usually you will find that none of the chocolate is eaten during the game because it is very difficult to eat chocolate with a knife and fork and the short time they have till someone else gets a 6.

Game type:
Just for fun
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Chocolate, Clothes such as hat, scarf and gloves. paper plate, knife and fork, dice


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