Go Teams Go! (Fun game for all ages!)

How to Play:

The participants will be split up into 2 teams. Kids vs Adults. Each team will have a head quarters (Preferably a room) where they will keep their valuable item (Such as a plate, stuffed animal, etc.). First the kids will go, they have to make up a plan to get the Adults valuable item. Each kid will have a job, like the spies, the watcher, and the boss. If they fail to retrieve the flag they have to do something silly in front of the other team, like hop on one foot while making a funny face. But if they retrieve the flag they get 10 points. Same thing for the adults. At the end (You decide how many rounds as you want), the team with most points win. There should be 1 leader/boss for each team. And what is a game without a prize? The team who wins can get the following prizes... For the KIDS - 1 scoop of ice cream - 1 candy piece - 1 movie night - 20 minutes delayed bedtime - Magic Xylophone (Watch Bluey to find out what it is) - Horsey Wedding! (Watch Bluey to find out what it is) For the ADULTS - 20 minutes early bedtime (For the kids) - 1 night, no chef (Adults don't make dinner for 1 night) - Spa - Boss (Kids must do whatever adults tell them to) - 30 minutes free (30 minutes without someone bothering them) - Dessert of their choice - Date night - Middle Day Nap - Massage (Kids give massage) - Free choice (Make up whatever prize you want, that is fair) And don't forget the BEES Be fair! Every job counts! Everyone, have fun! See everything good!


To the adults: Please be aware that you are playing against kids, DO NOT play too rough with any child, but especially with kids under 8 years of age. And please, do not cheat for whatever reason. This is a game, not a soccer match (Even in a soccer match you shouldn't cheat so...). Have fun!! To the kids: I hope this is a fun game! For kids who are older of 8 years of age, please be fair and kind with the younger kids. And make sure not to cheat, cheaters are never winners. Have fun! Not to everyone: If possible, try to find an equal amount of participants on each team. If that is not possible that's fine, but if the kids are short of one member and there is a 15 year old the 15 year old must go to the kids side. Same for the adults.


WARNING: If this game is being played between a family then there is a very, very, small chance of someone getting infected by Covid-19 in this game. If this game is being played with family AND relatives then there is a small-moderate chance of someone getting infected by Covid-19 if someone has not been taking appropriate measures. If this game is being played with complete strangers and/or friends that are not in any way related to you then there is a moderate-high chance of someone getting infected by Covid-19. As always, take the proper precautions and stay safe.

Quick Info

Covid RiskLow

Time RequiredAny

Age RangeAny age

Number of Leaders1

Number of ParticipantsAny

Game Types

Just for Fun, Splitting Participants into Groups, Team Building

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